Refined and elegant, your two strongest desires for your wedding are that everything look beautiful and that everyone gets along well; a special harmony of all the elements--from the flowers to the music to the guests.

With impeccable taste, Libras have a natural elegance in the way they dress and decorate.  Looking clean and neat is very important, you'd be mortally embarrassed to wear something wrinkled.  On top of that, you're no bargain hunter. You'd rather spend more money on a classic look that you can have forever than own something that is made with shoddy workmanship. 

As a bride, you will bring this same polish and elegance to the job.  Seeking to create a traditional ceremony and reception with gracious appeal, you will choose the most romantic location, a beautiful dress, and quality food. Your taste runs on the expensive side, but this is your one and only day and you're not going to cheapen it by second-rate anything.

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