How can astrology help a bride planning a wedding?

There is a myriad of choices available to brides today.  Using the wisdom of your sign is such a fun and easy way to create a wedding that best reflects your true nature--and that of your groom’s, too!

Being a bride is one of the most exciting and memorable times in a woman's life but in reality weddings aren't always just for the bride and groom. Most brides are also dealing with their parents’ wishes, their in-law's wishes; it seems as though everyone has advice, wanted or not-navigating this potentially difficult time takes self-confidence and self-awareness. 

Knowing who you are, what you want in life, and what you don't, helps tremendously. Never Throw Rice at a Pisces helps brides focus on who they are and reminds them of their unique personality and encourages them to make the choices that are right for them.

Depending upon how deeply you want to dive into the stars, you can also use astrology to help you choose a wedding day that is in harmony with your emotional nature and that of your fiancÚ.

How do brides of different signs react to different situations that are common to weddings?

It's really true-brides of different signs do have different motivations, make different choices, and react to situations differently.  If, for example, a florist told a Taurus bride that the flowers she really wanted are out of season and twice as expensive as planned, the naturally budget-conscious Taurus would find another really beautiful floral arrangement that is more reasonably priced and be very happy.  A Libra would react to that same scenario by going over budget. They want the day to be elegant and if that particular arrangement is what they see as appealing, then that harmony must be maintained. 

When a Gemini bride finds out that her mother and mother-in-law have changed the seating arrangements without her knowledge, she will talk to her entire bridal party, repeating the story one bridesmaid at a time, until she feels better and lets it go.  A Leo bride would more than likely get indignant at that disrespect, an Aquarius bride would not care, unless it involved the table of her best friends, while a Pisces bride may clam up, wait until she gets home and cry, but rarely will she confront the offending party.

Instead of leaving everything up to chance, you really can use the strengths of your astrology sign to handle any situation that may come your way. This is why I've created tons of real-life tips for each sign, such as How To Talk Your Groom Into Just About Anything (page 99), How to Respond to Inappropriate Guests, Useless Bridesmaids and a Controlling Mother-In-Law (page 119), How to Get Along with Your Mother Under Any Circumstance (page 143), and How to Avoid Last-Minute Freak Outs, page 174.  The truth is - no one really wants to be a bridezilla except for those on reality TV!

How can knowing your mother-in-law's sign help brides start off a harmonious family relationship?

Every personality is unique. Knowing your mother-in-law's sign will help you understand her point of view and really communicate with her as she lets her son go and welcomes another woman into his life.   For instance, a Virgo mother-in-law may need to continue to do things for both of you; invite her to help with things you don't care to do, like research vendors for the transportation.  A Cancer mother-in-law wants to create a warm welcome for you and know she isn't going to be rejected; take her along with you when dress shopping--even if your mom is coming along, too, and give her lots of hugs.

What's the best sign for a bride?

There really is no one best sign for a bride but there are some signs that are better suited to large parties than others.  For instance, Aries, Leo, Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini brides all love a big party with absolutely everyone they know and love in attendance.  Virgo, Taurus, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Cancer brides and grooms tend to like a quiet ceremony and a more down-to-earth celebration. Capricorn brides can go either way, depending upon how ambitious they are about their wedding. Pisces can go either way as well, depending upon the vision of their fairytale!

Although things aren't always so cut and dried, astrology is really a combination of elements.  If one of those more reserved signs like Virgo or Scorpio, plans a big wedding because they want it, they must have one or both of the other important aspects of their chart, their Rising or Moon sign, in one of those fiery party-girl signs.

How does astrology work?

Everyone knows his or her sign, but you may not be aware that you are way more than just the sum of your Sun sign. Your natal chart, or horoscope, is a picture of the heavens at the time of your birth. The sky is broken up into twelve slices of pie, or ‘houses’ as they are called, each governing a different part of life.  Since the sun, moon, and other planets move around the sky at different speeds, all the planets end up in different places on the zodiac wheel, indicating the various character traits that add up to your unique personality.

Your Sun, Moon and Rising signs are the most important aspects in your natal chart, and are the most important aspects to follow for your bridal signs as well. Sometimes people feel that the standard descriptions of their signs aren't completely accurate - and this is why: you are more accurately a combination of several forces pushing and pulling at each other in the Milky Way. Knowing your Moon and Rising signs can help you plan a wedding and honeymoon that speaks to all of who you are.

What information does a reader need to have to read your book?

For a professional astrologer or astrology website to calculate your complete birth chart, you’ll need your exact date, time, and place of birth. You can read this book just knowing your Sun sign. If you do know your birth information, the book teaches you how to discover your Moon and Rising signs, the two other important aspects in your horoscope, to get a more complete picture of the bride you are born to be. If you don't know this information, contact the county in which you were born, and request a copy of your birth certificate.

Did you use astrology to plan your own wedding?

Absolutely! My husband and I got married in a castle in Scotland, but choosing the castle was the easy part.  First, I spent weeks and weeks pouring over different days, looking for the stars to line up in that magical way. I had it planned out to the minute!  I did this a year in advance of the date and had two venues - one large, one small - put that date on hold for us while we figured out how many guests were going to join us. 

There are good days in astrology and good times as well.  I was so crazy about the time that I gave instructions to the ministers to ‘pronounce us’ between 6:50 and 7:00 pm!  I don't expect most people to go to the extent that I did to ensure the perfect birth chart for their marriage, but using your Moon sign as well as your groom's, you can do this in a more simplified way following the instructions in Chapter One.

Not everything can be planned according to the stars. Every couple has to take their religious traditions, cultural customs and family wishes into account, and we were no different.  We worked hard to find interfaith ministers to do a religiously-blended ceremony, adding plenty of ritual along the way. Our families needed that, but as a Pisces marrying a Taurus, we're pretty traditional and sentimental ourselves.

With my Gemini Rising and my husband's Sagittarius Rising, we both needed a fun party and an adventure - but with the romantic and tender overtones of our Sun signs.  We had been on a trip to the UK a few months before we got engaged and saw a wedding being held at a castle when the light bulb went on over our heads! A fairytale adventure for both sides of our personalities! After doing some research, we choose a wonderful 15th century castle - it had real defensive-works, stone spiral staircases, a minstrel’s gallery - and plumbing, heat and electricity! 

Thirty-five people flew over with us for an entire weekend's activities.  All the men dressed in kilts, a bag piper serenaded guests as they arrived, and we danced the Jewish Hora - which I'm sure was a first for our 600-year-old castle! For our honeymoon, we did the Taurus/Pisces favorite of horseback riding with lots of visits to historic sights for the Gemini and Sag in us.

As much as I used astrology to plan my wedding and honeymoon, I learned something very valuable.  No matter how much you plan, some things are just meant to be.  After all that planning, the ministers, being a bit nervous, sped through the ceremony a bit faster than they had anticipated and ended up pronouncing us at 7:40 pm, changing a major aspect in the chart I had so carefully planned. Instead of being worried that somehow things got screwed up - for life - this astrologer has embraced our unplanned Rising sign as a tender reminder of what living in the moment is all about.


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